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JANUARY 8—Dr. Dan interviews True Ott, PhD, an expert in minerals and owner of Mother Earth's Minerals, who worked with Linus Pauling, PhD. Listen to "THE ROYAL TREATMENT."
JANUARY 8Dr. Dan interviews David Konn, President of QRS, inc., and they discuss the benefits of a pulsing electromagnetic field with some patient testimonials. Listen to "THE ROYAL TREATMENT."

JANUARY 22—Dr. Dan reviews the history of Royal Rife, PhD who cured 100% of cancer patients he treated from physician referrals in mid-1930's. Listen to "THE ROYAL TREATMENT."
JANUARY 29—Dr. Dan reviews his Top 10 ways to know whether your exercise regimen is working for you and shares a testimonial where PEMF was used for weight loss. Listen to "THE ROYAL TREATMENT."
FEBRUARY 5—Dr. Dan discusses stem cells, reviews obituaries, and interviews True Ott where they discuss frequency medicines used for the successful treatment of patients. Listen to "THE ROYAL TREATMENT."

FEBRUARY 12—Dr. Dan reviews obituaries, his Top Ten List for Supplements, and initial results from his frequency medicine study. Listen to "THE ROYAL TREATMENT."

FEBRUARY 19—Dr. Dan reviews obituaries, people who died too soon from diseases they shouldn't have had, cancer, and enzymes. Listen to "THE ROYAL TREATMENT."

​​FEBRUARY 26—Dr. Dan reviews reviews FDA admission of serious side-effect for fluoroquinolone they approved and how DOJ attorneys used fradulent tactics to wipe out $100 billion in autism claims from vaccinations. Listen to "THE ROYAL TREATMENT."

MARCH 5—Dr. Dan reviews reviews the top 10 tests he considers and orders for his patients. Listen to "THE ROYAL TREATMENT."

MARCH 12—Dr. Dan reviews some of the benefits associated with taking the RBC Blend supplement to increase stem cells in the blood. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

MARCH 19--Dr. Dan shares results of patients who recently were found to have elevated CRP or immune deficiency and discusses the power of love for health. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

MARCH 26--Dr. Dan interviews Dr. Dean Bonlie where the importance of magnetic fields and magnetic supplementation for healing is discussed. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

APRIL 2--Dr. Dan interviews Dan Newbold, CEO for Vivacare, where health programs for healthy-minded people is discussed as an alternative to the sick care insurance industry in America. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

APRIL 9—Dr . Dan interviews True Ott, PhD, owner of Mother Earth Minerals, and Dr. Ott discusses the healing power of using barley. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

MAY 7—Dr . Dan discusses a heart disease case that responded to a magnetic sleep pad, and reviews nattokinase research studies. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."
MAY 14—Dr . Dan reviews disease trends, discusses cancer patient responses to PSB/PEMF, and revisits Nattokinase as a clot inhibitor. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

MAY 21—Dr. Dan reviews a patient whose cancer antibodies normalized in one week using PSB/PEMF, shares some personal results with PSB/PEMF, and discusses some published data about diagnostic imaging errors resulting in unnecessary surgeries. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

MAY 28—Dr. Dan shares a personal PSB/PEMF experience and discusses some medical myths. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."
JUNE 4—Dr. Dan discusses more medical myths and reviews published data about health benefits for the supplement CoQ10. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."
JUNE 11—Dr. Dan discusses another medical myth, reviews more published data about CoQ10, and discusses cancer as being a "man-made" disease. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."
JUNE 18—Dr. Dan discusses statins as "gateway drugs" that cause diseases requiring more drugs, and reviews a patient case of subclinical magnesium deficiency that almost cost her life. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

JUNE 25—Dr. Dan discusses the scandal where Novartis was found to put a cancer-causing agent in its blood pressure meds, and looks at subclinical magnesium deficiency causes. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."
JULY 2—Dr. Dan reviews the Novartis cancer scandal, finishes reviewing subclinical magnesium deficiency, and lists top lesser known foods for brain health. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

JULY 9—Dr. Dan discusses the cost of cancer in U.S., a side-effect of prostate cancer therapy, drinking water, and the power of the olive leaf. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

JULY 16—Dr. Dan discusses cancer facts, how to prevent spread of cancer, immune benefits of colostrum, and reviews more data on the olive leaf. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

JULY 23—Dr. Dan discusses some recent studies re: smoking, depression, and cancer, and continues his review of studies re: olive leaf extract. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT." 

JULY 30—Dr. Dan finishes his review of olive leaf extract studies, looks at the connection between weight and mortality, and discusses dementia as #1 cause of death in UK along with a contributing factor (air pollution) and the importance of silence for the brain. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT.

AUGUST 6—Dr. Dan looks at dementia risk factors, makes recommendations on how to avoid dementia, and reviews studies on an oral probiotic lozenge for the mouth. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT." 

AUGUST 13Dr. Dan looks at more dementia risk factors, reports on an association between curbing calories and anti-aging, and reviews studies on the damaging effects of certain drugs and blue light on our eyes. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."

AUGUST 20—Dr. Dan reviews studies associating obesity and imaging studies with increased cancer risk. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."
​AUGUST 27—Dr. Dan discusses the fallacy of serotonin as a "happy hormone," and touches upon water fluoridation and lower IQ. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."
SEPTEMBER 3—Dr. Dan summarizes lower IQ from water fluoridation, 50% lower fertility from HPV vaccines, increased risk of breast cancer from drug hormones, and magnetic field studies that improved fatigue, pain, sleep, and ability to work. Listen to "ROYAL MEDICAL TREATMENT."